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Undergraduate Philanthropy

Philanthropic giving supports academic programs in the schools and colleges, co-op opportunities around the world, faculty enrichment and research, varsity and club athletics, financial aid and scholarships, and the many student clubs and organizations that enhance the quality of student life at the university. When you determine the impact you want to have through supporting a specific fund, you can be sure that 100% of your donation will support your chosen area.

Senior Gifts

As students, you have a voice in how to shape your Northeastern experience. Give to what you love: any of the hundreds of student organizations, programs, and offices that have helped make your Northeastern experience unique. Know that 100% of your donation goes to where you choose. Explore hundreds of funds that Northeastern offers below. 

Class of 2022 Donor Wall

Northeastern values each and every donation it receives. Donors’ contributions are recognized on the class donor wall.


HuskyStarter is Northeastern’s crowdfunding platform available to all recognized student organizations and university-affiliated organizations to fundraise for the groups’ projects. A personalized online fundraiser can be created that will describe the project to your potential donors. Check out the current projects and support your fellow Huskies by making a donation, of any amount. 

Did You Know?

Tuition only covers the cost of your education—no amount goes towards campus organizations or student life activities. The contributions from Northeastern students, alumni, parents, and community members are what fund the wide variety of university activities. That’s why it’s important for student groups to foster relationships with their members after they graduate and become alumni.